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COACHING is available to serious competitors and sailors of all levels looking to enhance their sailing speed and efficiency in a dramatic way. Epic sailing's experienced sailor and coach, Brian Fatih, will analyze your current techniques and demonstrate the skills it takes to win.

How do your sails look compared with other top competitors? How are the wind and current affecting your prospects at the top mark? Any trends going on?

Using visuals of your individual rig and sail plan, plus video of your starts and mark roundings, Fatih can point out specific improvements to be made to hone your racing strategy and sharpen your boat handling.

More streamlined solutions can be devised for all facets of professional sailing, such as carrying heavy gear like lunch, fowlies, and that big heavy toolbox.

Dedicated to provide complete assistance to help you achieve your goals, Epic Sailing's coaching service delivers personalized coaching to improve your performance at any level.

Contact Brian Fatih at brian@epicsailing.com for more info and to schedule a session.

Cost is $300 a day plus expenses.    

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